EKOAMAZON Sustainability & Education Center serves several river communities and offers a range of resources for both adults and children. Please review our list of projects. If you would like to support any of these projects, please use the links below to go to our online donation site or fill out a mail-in form.

  • Night Watchman - S/325 per month; $1,300 per year
    So far we have been lucky not to have had any break-ins at the Center. However, as time passes and the Center’s materials and equipment continue to grow, it becomes more risky not to protect our investments, and necessary to have the services of a night watchman.

  • 2019 Field Trips - $460 each
    We hope to take two field trips this year, one with elementary students and one with high school students. Past excursions have included visits to educational institutions in Iquitos, Explorama's Canopy Walkway, the zoo in Iquitos, and Monkey Island Rescue Center. Most of our students rarely leave their communities. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the world around them.

  • 2019 End of the Year Chocolatada Parties - $500 total
    This is a favorite annual event for the Center’s students. We hope to host a party at each branch this year as we have in the past. It is a great way to wrap up the year and a time to
    showcase what we've done at the Center through the year to parents and community members.

  • Art and Music Educational workshops - $500-$1500
    Throughout the year we like to offer students special opportunities to learn more about different topics, ranging from science, to art, to health. These workshops can range from one day presentations, to long term classes, depending on funding and available instructors. 

  • General maintenance - $1,500
    Regular maintenance of the Palmeras and Sapo Playa Centers, which are made of materials like wood and palm leaves, requires constant attention in an environment where the weather, termites, mold, moths, annual floods, and extreme humidity continuously deteriorate construction. Each year it is necessary to replace some frame posts. Every four years the thatched roof must be replaced. We must constantly monitor and clean to prevent pest infestations.

  • Maintenance of the computer lab - $400
    Each year it is necessary to repair various software problems and computer equipment. It is also necessary to purchase materials such as paper, printer cartridges, etc.

  • Computer Classes - $1,500 for the Palmeras library branch
    Familiarizing Amazon students with modern computer technology could not be achieved without the help of a teacher to teach them to use this technology for educational purposes. It is hoped that this technology can help them improve the quality of their lives and enable them to be better integrated into the global economic and cultural system. The Center offers basic computer courses for at least eight months of each year with the help of a hired teacher especially for this purpose. (Each daily two-hour class costs S/.40. There would be three classes per week, 12 per month, and 96 in eight months. This cost does not include transportation costs or food costs for the teacher, and reflects costs if we hire a teacher from Palmeras or Yanamono.)

We also have an Amazon.com wish list for small items and book titles. It has been a great tool for guests visiting the Center who would like to bring something.

Thank you to all of our EKOAMAZON Sustainability & Education Center donors. Your continued support allows us to keep our doors open, offering educational opportunities to students and community members in the area. We can't do it without you!

Donate online: Use the secure donation button available here. Add the project you would like your donation to support in the Comments box in the Additional Information section.


Donate by mail: Send your donation to EKOAMAZON Inc. - 8811 Bridge Lake Rd, Clarkston, MI 48348. Write a comment to indicate the project you would like your donation to support.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or are interested in volunteering at the SEC, please contact us.