EKOAMAZON Sustainability and Education Center is looking for volunteers! The Center located in the heart of South America, the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest 50 miles downriver from the city of Iquitos. Founded in 1999 by Nancy Dunn, the Center serves residents of river communities in the surrounding area with reading programs, games, computer lessons, music classes, language studies, sewing workshops, spelling bees, student scholarships and more. Each day children from nearby villages walk up to two hours in order to visit the Center to read and participate in our programs and activities. With a simple thatched-roof construction, solar panels and no running water, the Center is in another world where you will discover the love of reading in its purest form. Come be part of this unique place with a highly personalized volunteer experience! Join us in our mission to bring the world to the jungle through reading and education. Bring your passions and interests and we will create a custom volunteer experience for you and our students. Are you a passionate gardener? Let’s make a garden together! Do you have a love for math, geography, art, science, or literature? The possibilities are endless. Come share your passion with our students, show them how learning can be fun, and help us inspire them to be lifelong learners and leaders in their communities. Although we recommend that volunteers have a basic understanding of Spanish, it is not a requirement. This could be a great way to learn Spanish, as well as an opportunity to teach English at the library. Volunteers are needed to assist in our daily routine at the Center as well as enhancing their visit with their own personal interests. This can be a life-changing experience. We welcome the opportunity to share our world with you!


• The Center is managed by EKOAMAZON, a U.S. based 501(c)3 that works closely with CONAPAC, a Peruvian non-profit organization and Explorama Lodges, a private tour operator in the Amazon rainforest with lodges located on the Amazon and Napo Rivers. www.explorama.com

• The Center is located 50 miles downriver from the city of Iquitos, Perú. Your accommodations will be handled by Explorama Lodges. You will stay at Explorama’s Yanamono Lodge located near the Center. Daily transportation will be provided by boat.

• The volunteer work is not difficult or overly strenuous, however, the jungle can have days with extreme heat and humidity. Daily rides in boats will be required. There is no air conditioning in the lodge, your room or the Center. Anyone in reasonably good health and physical shape should have no trouble with the living and working conditions.

• A well-stocked and affordable medical clinic is a short distance away operated by an American, Dr. Linnea Smith. Fees for service are minimal.

• Minimum age to volunteer is 21 with no upper age limit.

• Trip times may be arranged throughout the year although some limitations may apply due to conditions on the ground at the Center.

• Volunteers must come for a minimum two-week stay, after which pricing is based on 7-day blocks with no pro-rating allowed. 90 day stays in Peru are permitted with no visa necessary.
* Base two weeks: $1400
* For a 3rd or 4th week add: $700
* For additional weeks add $600

• Pricing includes transportation to and from the airport and the Lodge by bus and boat. You will have your own room with private bath (unheated water), daily towel and linen changes, unlimited clean drinking water, electricity and free WiFi connection portions of the day, and three hot meals a day.

• Pricing does not include flights to and from Peru or Iquitos, passports or vaccinations, health insurance, excess baggage, bar beverages including sodas, gifts and souvenirs, telephone calls or laundry service, extra excursions, or special request visits to Iquitos.

• While working at the Center and staying at Explorama Lodge you may have opportunities to take part in some jungle excursions at no additional cost. These may include piranha fishing, visiting giant lily pads, early morning bird watching, star gazing, visiting the rum factory, and jungle hikes. These can be arranged on a day-by-day basis, depending on time and space availability with other groups. Your volunteer price does not include a private guide.

• If your visit extends to four weeks, a trip to the Canopy Walkway and the ReNuPeRu Medicinal Garden will be included at no additional cost. The Canopy Walkway is located on the Napo River 50 miles by boat from Explorama Lodge. Here you can walk among the treetops at 120 feet—an opportunity not to be missed. An excursion to the Canopy Walkway and Medicinal Garden is a $150 value. If you stay less than four weeks, space and time permitting, you can join another group for a day trip to the canopy with payment of $150.

• To apply (and/or you need more specific information) please email us directly at rrossi@ekoamazon.org, indicating VOLUNTEER APPLICATION in the subject line and noting the approximate dates and specific experiences you are interested in.

• All final accommodation arrangements are made by, and fees paid to, Explorama Lodges -- a portion of your fee will be donated to EKOAMAZON by Explorama, tagged specifically for the Center. Explorama Lodges can take payment in US dollars or Peruvian soles, Visa or MasterCard, or by international wire transfer— a 5% transaction fee will be added for charges and transfers.